Matters of Faith 5-13-12 Music Groups

Birmingham is a popular stop for music groups.

especially Christian groups.

Recently two nationally known Christian recording artists.... came to the Barn at Briarwood Presbyterian.

They recently shared their faith with a crowd of young people.

Tadashee: "My heart my passion has always been the Gospel we who were afar from God ... good news of Jesus.

Tadashee... is a popular Christian rapper... who shares his own story in hopes of changing lives.

Tadashee. "If they can hear from my own life how God has impacted me... then..... how it can be lived out.

He went to Baylor University... and says a younger student.... helped him... see the light.

Also on Friday night at the Barn... Shane and Shane performed with a slower pace than Tadashee....

But they too brought their life experience and faith to the teens at the barn.

Shane: "I was in a bar ... the lights went on.... the place is filthy."

He said in that moment he realized his life needed a change..... and he renewed his commitment to his faith.

Shane: "He can fulfill places in our hearts.... we have one message every song every night... It is faith in God in this life.