Matters of Faith 5-23 Highlands College

There's a new opportunity for students to go to college.

Highlands College was born in the Church of the Highlands... and after a couple of years... it's thriving.

Nestled in the Church of the Highlands just off of Grants Mill Road... is a new college experience.

Highlands College.

Chris Hodges is the pastor. He says, "We're working with Point University it's accredited and students are getting college credit they can transfer to other universities."

This fall Highlands College will have 350 students enrolled... in just a few years... this college has grabbed the attention of students around the world.

This year the college will have students enrolled from as far away as Korea.


Layton Germann is a student and says, "I just finished my second year."

Layton can now enter the internship phase of his experience at Highlands.... it's hands on learning.

Mark Pettus is the college administrator. He says, " It's a 2 year program possibility 3rd year internship."

Chris Hodges: " They get a living lab here... be a part of the ministry here so their learning it and doing it."

Students get to plunge right in.... and do ministry here at Church of the Highlands.

This college is helping make dreams come true... and helping young people persue their calling in life.

Layton says, "When I was 18 I got saved showed me what my future could look like. I want to be the one to show em... there's a future there's a hope."

For more information about Highlands College.... call 980-5577.

Is the curriculum strickly ministry?

Yes... but you can take those college credits to any University... they offer a bachelor of arts degree.