Matters of Faith 6-03 God, Grace and Girlfriends

Who is the person you trust the most to hold your feet to the fire?

Who can you count on?

These are topics in a new book God, Grace and Girlfriends.

Author Mary Snyder.... talks about her new book.

Mary Snyder says, " God Grace and Girlfriends is my book I am a speaker and work for a Christian Cruise line."

Mary Snyder wears a lot of hats... but recently she is most proud of her new book. She just finished up a speaking tour along route 66.

She encourages other women to get away and hit the road... to reduce stress and find God.

Mary. "Jesus got away with his small circle he got away to rest. We've got to do that with our families... First... But there's also a time for moms to pull away and just be a girlfriend.. Recharge.

{}She also talks about how true friends encourage one another....

her own best friends are the ones who tell her if she is wrong.

{}MARY: "I need someone to hold me accountable.....They take no junk off me. No they're like not that is your fault your fault you were wrong... Don't we all need someone who will hold our feet to the fire? If I really love someone I'm gonna tell em."

She hopes her new book will help encourage others on their journey ... in being the best God created them to be.


MARY: "Adventures in faith and friendship."