Matters of Faith: Vapor Thrift Store

Vapor Thrift Store (

A local thrift store is doing away with waste.

Everything is used in one way or another... and the generosity of others is helping to provide life giving water and food in third world countries.

Vapor is a place you can find treasure.

If you pull up to make a donation, you will be greeted by polite young people working there.

But whether you're donating or shopping it's an over all good experience.

Cedric Holstick is a Vapor customer. He says, "It makes you feel real good"

You are helping others, whether you're giving or receiving.... because.... 100 percent of what you donate or buy goes to help missions in Africa.

The name is even Biblical.

Brant Berry is the manager of Vapor. He says, "It comes from a verse in the Bible form James 4:14. "Our lives are short like a vapor in the thrift store our donors and shoppers kinda see it ... the same way take items people bring and may seem like a small thing but it can help people who live on less than a dollar a day."

If you strolled onto the back deck... It might look like a neighborhood garage sale... with sports equipment and more.

This garage sale is available six days a week.

And speaking of sports equipment... the money raised helps fund soccer for children in need in Africa.

Brant says, "in most of our centers we're using soccer to bring em in for discipleship to share the Gospel with em. Each center gets a deep water well."

And if you support Vapor... you'll be glad to know... they don't waste anything.

Brant says, "If we have a shirt in and it's ripped and we can't sell it but we can sell it back."

National clothing companies buy the damaged cotton shirts and recycle them.

Brant. "We don't throw much away here everything we get we try to use it and be good stewards."

Vapor is located along Highway 280 across from Lee Branch Shopping Center.

Most clothing items are about 3 to 4 dollars.