Matters of Faith 7-15 Highlands Serve Day

Giving to others can help take your mind off of your own troubles.

That's a message from a local pastor , who mobilized 10-thousand people across the state to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Pastor Chris Hodges from Church of The Highlands says he is proud of his congregation... They did everything from buy gasoline for others, to buying lunches... to repairing homes... and helping children.

An art project exhibited the words Love, Joy.... peace, patience and self control.... the fruit of the spirit.... its what these volunteers are spreading.

Not just in art work... but in physical labor.

Annie Morris calls it a miracle.. "I can't believe it."

Annie Morris is a widow... she says it's rained a lot lately... and she couldn't sleep because she would feel the rain coming right through her roof... onto her head at night.

But these volunteers from the Church of The Highlands are working to change that.

She now has a brand new roof.

Stephanie Fuqua is a single mom. She says, "They are, I will probably start crying.... they are replacing my floor in my kitchen and what did we wake up to today baby? Cutting my grass weed eating blowing leaves it was awesome."


Now Stephanie and Logan wanted to come to the dream center to help others themselves..... here... there is fun for neighborhood kids.... and the transformation of an empty field.

Scott Smith. "You know why we're doing this right?

Cam Smith. we are building a wiffle ball field."

Imagine spending a Saturday.... pulling rocks out of the ground this field will become a field for kids ... giving up their Saturday just to help others.

Scott: "it's great to be a part of a group of people who really want to serve the community... it's promoted to do what Jesus did."

Rosalyn Sloan is a volunteer: "I get more out of it just to help out."

Pastor Chris: "We believe the local church is the hope of the world... we believe that meeting needs is .... he has literally anointed the church to meet needs."

Church of the Highlands also connected with the Birmingham mayors office to find specific needs.

The Dream Center in Woodlawn even offered free medical help.

From art to playing with neighborhood kids... it's all about changing lives.

Andrew Cole- Tyson from the Dream Center says, "We are going to use art as a revitalization strategy."

Amber Hatcher is a former Woodlawn resident. She says, "I'm just expressing how I feel peace is in my mind on the painting."

She sees how Church of the Highlands Dream Center and investment in Woodlawn is transforming it.

Amber Hatcher says, "Ever since it got built here there has been a big transformation."

Pastor Chris Hodges says, "I found out years ago the easiest way to pastor someone is not that life be focused on them and their needs instead help them find something in their life that's bigger than them... their problems get much smaller.

Pastor Chris says, "I find a need and fill it find a hurt and heal it. They are all around us."

This was the big serve project for the year... but each month Church of the Highlands organizes help projects... you are invited to join them.