Matters of Faith 7-22 Grocery Church

The term shopping for a church has new meaning for the First United Methodist Church in Alabaster.

The new part of the church was built in the shell of an old grocery store.

The renewal for an empty space.... is a matter of faith.

Pastor Brian Erickson says, "That's been our prayer God you build this place who ever comes in this place hear them please hear them.

The beautiful up to date sanctuary .... is still surrounded by empty space... that will go to good use.

Pastor Erickson says, " We're a 120 year old country church that had overgrown the building and suddenly God gives us a grocery store... we've got to rethink the way we are a church."

The Manna Food Ministry operates out of the back of the church.

Pastor Erickson says, " We have a grocery store with freezers in the back thinking what are we gonna do with these? We let manna to use our space."

(see bread) Manna feeds the hungry every Saturday here.

(front of building) The name of the building? Restore.

Pastor: "We named it Restore cuz if God can do this to a grocery store what can he do to you? People who are scared to death to walk into a church with a steeple would know they have a place where they are welcome."

Pastor: "This is a space where everyone's welcome."

The pastor says God made all this happen.

Pastor. "We're just trying to keep up with God. We dedicated the building on Easter Sunday 3 days later April 27th... the tornados hit we found ourselves with loading docks and storage space so we ran a warehouse for a month.... after the tornadoes hit."

Using this space for God.... the pastor can't wait to see what God does next.