Matters of Faith 7-8 Electronic Books

Times are changing... and Christian publishers are making moves to keep up with the electronic age of books.

An international publisher... located right here in the Birmingham area.... Is making moves on the web.

Christian books like these are not just at your local book store anymore.


They are available on the world wide web.


The book market isn't what it used to be.

Andrea Mullins is the publisher. She says "It's changing daily less and less print resources to electronic resources."

The down side for publishers is that revenue is down.

An average book at the bookstore is about 15 dollars... on e-books... it can be about three dollars.

But the upside.... is the instant feature of the web... can get the message across the globe in seconds.

Andrea.... "You have great content and you make it available in as many places as possible."

That includes podcasts and webcasts....

Andrea. "At new hope digital you can listen to the authors or you can read a column by an author.

Many authors are embracing the new way of getting the word out.

Andrea: "Authors are excited cuz they want their content read."

And it also saves money and time... on shipping.

Andrea: " We se our books internationally but we still can't get our books overseas the way we can with the digital imprint."

The publisher is now looking for authors... who are Internet savvy on the facebook, twitter and more.

Andrea. "Its exciting for Christians for anyone to proclaim their faith in Christ .... message of hope we can make lost and get it around the world quickly."