Matters of Faith 8-15 Ventriloquist 1

If you are looking for a joyful experience for your next gathering... you may want to consider inviting a ventriloquist.


Lea Ann Friday Strickland has been entertaining crowds for decades... but her show has a deep meaning.


A Duck puppet is one of her family's favorites.

For decades she has been performing for audiences...

and it all started in churches.

Lee Ann: "I started out at age 7 doing mother daughter shows through the church ... father preached and we sang."

While at a church... she met a famous ventriloquist... and that started her love for throwing her voice through puppets.

Lee Ann: "Geraldine Reagan came first ventriloquist I saw at age 8... I was totally enamored seeing the puppets... my mom heard voices coming from my bedroom."

That launched her love for ventriloquism...... and that's when she began collecting vint figures... her grandmother gave her her first Danny O'day figure.

Lea Ann: "The key to being a good ventriloquist, you take the focus off of yourself create an illusion this puppet is real.

And she does that very well.

Lea Ann: "Ventriloquism. is a fabulous way to minister."

But don't expect anything except for a clean show.

Lea Ann: "If you want me to come entertain expect clean fun... Family friendly.... the great thing.... good for lil toddlers... to people who are 99."

From churches to the Country Boy Eddie Show ... Lea Ann has traveled far and wide with her show.

Lee Ann: "Everyone loves a ventriloquist."

Her messages are clear through her vint figures.

Lee Ann: "It is such a happy joyful experience being a Christian."