Matters of Faith 8-5 Faith Artist

You've heard the phrase...a bit of Heaven on earth!

The work of one local artist creates that for some.

It also helps to raise money for others.

The light in the work of Artist Dirk Walker... seems to put light in his work.

For him.... artwork is a matter of faith.

Dirk Walker is an artist who isn't afraid to put his faith on canvass.

He says, "This is the first in a series of ... religious themed pieces.

Dirk Walker's faith moves him to express it through his artwork... here at the Loretta Goodwin Gallery.

Dirk says his pastor at Church of the Highlands... Had done a series on the end of times... signs we're in the days.

it symbolizes the church hope a place of comfort for those dealing with difficulties.

He uses a lot of light in his paintings to tell the story of his faith and hope. But also shows the other side of faith.

Dirk says, "Here in the corner 3 figures ominous looking are the naysayers the ones always gonna doubt."

But he explains how the believers, in the painting are heading to the ark... the ark represents the church.

Dirk. "They are going toward a place of refuge."

He says like most people... he's had tough times... but found solace in his faith... and wants to encourage others to find that hope.

Dirk. "I've gone through some different things a lot of people go through."

His painting on the walls of Jericho.... tells a story.

His work on the

Archangel Michael... tells a different story about the end times......

and Michaels power.

He also is known for his scenes in Paris and in Birmingham.

His painting benefited cancer patients.

And through that fund raiser he met Lyndley.

After her death.... he painted a scene of her on the beach... entitled the making of an angel.

It is one of his favorite paintings... it hangs in the home of her parents.

Dirk. "It was one of the most important things in my life and i fell in love with her."

Dirk says, "I came up with the idea of a girl on the beach. A week later mom sent me this picture.... the arms and legs positioned in the same way... ...... it's a God thing."

He says he doesn't want to just tell the Bible stories.. he wants to move the people who see his art to a deeper place.