Matters of Faith 9-12 Re digging the Wells

Re digging the wells is an event scheduled for railroad park this coming weekend.

It's is an effort to bring unity among the races.

One man came up with the idea...

and one woman inspired him.

Bernadine Layton is a survivor of the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church. He said I've had you hidden now I'm gonna use you.

She says God told her he was going to use her experience to help others.

She says for years she could not talk about her experience.

But says she believes God is urging her to start speaking out now for a series of events called "Re digging The Wells".

Paul Hughes is the organizer of the event. Isaac son of Abraham re digs his fathers wells. There's something in his heart that takes him to the 4th well of his father. God visits him and releases their blessings to the next generation.

This coming Saturday... at Railroad Park in Birmingham.... people of all races are expected to come together... to pray to receive blessings.

Native Americans.. black and white alike are expected to come together in friendship and healing.

Paul says, " Re digging the Wells is a principal from our city wells dug by the civil rights generation... mainly through the praying church."

The goal is for Birmingham to find blessings.... forgiveness and friendship.

It is this Saturday at Railroad Park.