Matters of Faith 9-23-12 Fresh Air

A local pastor's new book has hit number 6 on the New York times best seller list for how to books.

The book is a how to find more joy in life and get out of the doldrums.

Pastor Chris Hodges leads the Church of the Highlands. He talks about the doldrums... And explains the doldrums refers to an actual physical place on the globe..... there's no wind no breath.

Pastor Hodges goes on to explains in his new book "fresh air" before motorized boats.... sailors would literally get stuck there and die.

he says that can happen in just about anyone's life... if they don't know how to escape.


Pastor Hodges. "All of us find us in a lifeless stagnant place. and the word I hear is they feel stuck. They don't know how to get out."

Pastor Hodges says he can minister to people in the doldrums... because at one time... as he reveals in his book he was once stuck too.


Hodges. "A whole year of depression while I was in ministry smile.. faked it.. and acted like there is nothing wrong when there is something wrong."

He sees many who say they need a breath of fresh air.... which he explains is a relationship with God.

In just weeks... the book climbed to 6th on the New York best seller list for how to books.

he jokes...

Pastor Hodges. "If only my 6th grade English teacher could see me now that you D minus !

The idea for this book came one Sunday when he thought a visitor to his church was disgruntled.

Pastor Hodges. "I was shaking hands at the door this lady had a scowl on her face she said pastor I found one thing.... I don't like about this church, I have to wait 6 days to come back.

She found her fresh air!

He encourages people to fall in love with God.... to help get saved from the doldrums....

Pastor Hodges says, "My deepest hope it breathes fresh air into people. Jesus says, I have come so you might have life and to the full."

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