Matters of Faith A dozen dresses

Imagine turning shopping into a ministry!

A local woman says she loves to buy at thrift stores and take the clothes and make them into something special.

It's that process that helps her witness to others.

Sara Ellen Allbritton is creating something new... out of something old.


Sara Ellen Allbritton: "I've always loved clothes and I've always loved thrift stores and

seeking out bargains.

I would bargain shop a lot and come home with a lot of things that just

weren't quite right so it came to a point where ya know I can sew I am just

gonna make this into something that is right.

I'd find a skirt and everything about it was right but it had this big

grease stain... or a shirt that was too short or too long.

I could take things and change them and fix them... and make them

beautiful again.

Her passion for transforming clothes made her closet burst at the seams... so... she started sewing and selling her creations... and turned it into an outreach with a message of hope.

Allbritton: "Go to the thrift sore and I buy old clothes and I take em home and I

wash em and I'm removing the stains, mending the holes.. making

everything a one of a kind... I tell people this is what Jesus is doing with

me... he bought me the cast out the no longer wanted the dirty and he

bought me with his blood and he is washing my stains clean my sins


He's mending my holes my wounds and he's making me presentable

to God. he's making me Gods daughter."

She said she had to call out for help... when life was too tough to handle on her own.

Allbritton: "I had 3 kids in 3 and a half years...that's tough.. my husband was

traveling a lot and I don't have family in town...

I was in a dark place it was depressing it was just a very hard time

and it was finally to the point Sara Ellen you cant do it on your own literally brought me to my knees. I was crying out for help and

Jesus answered back... I am here. I love you I'm here for you."

then she says she tried to be something she was not.... when she realized she had a job doing exactly what she was equipped to do.

Inept trying so hard I'm supposed to take meals to people I'm supposed

to keep people's kids..this is what Christian women do... then I realized

were the body and god gave me talents he loves me enough he gave me

this ministry that's can create clothes I can do exactly what I want tom do

and I still have the opportunity to share his love with doing

something I love.

Sometime when I finish a neat piece...sometimes there is seam

ripping and I have to go back and start over... and I think you know what we

have tough times in this life and the lord has to seam rip on us

sometimes little bit.. but it's to get to the true he has.. if I didn't go back

ands seam rip it I couldn't get to the beautiful creation that I wanted to.

sometimes it hurts the seam ripping but it gets us to the beautiful

creation he has for us."

2 Corinthians: "Therefor if anyone is a new creature one is in Christ the

old is gone and the new has come... ... I'm a new creation and I like to

think of my dresses as a new creature."