Matters of Faith African Student

A local pastor is making her mission international.

She is working to plant a church in Sierra Leone Africa.

She is also working to bring one of the young men who saw his father slaughtered in a civil war which was a conflict over diamonds.


In the movie blood diamond we saw how rebels fought to control diamonds for their cause.

It was a conflict that ended in brutalizing the people of Sierra Leone.


Pastor Deborah: "I'm planting a church in West Africa. Sierra Lione last year and saw

the devastation so great. After the civil war of blood diamond and the

people there are without a place to worship, so at the present time I am

working on building a church for the people of Sierra Liome with out a

place to worship."

Pastor Deborah: "The hardest part to see is what the conflict over diamonds did to the children.

amputations were a part of the brutality."


The children that were a part of that civil war a lot of them have been left

as orphans.

Pastor Deborah:

"Fathers were brutally killed in front of their children as a matter of fact

there's a young man young man named Kuma who I am planning to bring

over in January...he was 10 years old and he watched them decapitate his

father in front of him and he hid on a back of a truck and he was left to die

found him and taught him about Jesus."

Now she is working to get him educated in the U.S.

Pastor Deborah:

"He calls me and says mom I want to come to the states.

"I am working to get him in Birmingham Baptist Bible College."


After the pain and hatred he endured as a child... he wants to show others that there is a better way. He wants to serve the Lord with all his heart.

And Pastor Deborah intends to help him do just that.... by working through the red tape to get him here next month.