Matters of Faith- Baby Boomers thrive!

Baby boomers have been changing our world ever since they started arriving.... more than sixty years ago.

now as they close in on retirement age... they continue to break new ground on what it looks like to be a senior.

there's a new age dawning for the over fifty crowd... and that future looks bright....

now senior ministry is taking on a whole new meaning.

this is part of a senior ministry... it's one of the few in the nation... that apparently ministers to baby boomers.

Jim Frazier/senior minister. "I'm responsible for people 50 and up."

But he says... the 50 to 70 years olds want to go and do more... so they separate 80 and up for more sedate events.

Jim. the younger group is more active where the older group will have a luncheon, the baby boomers will have a luau.

the numbers are staggering... there are over 78 million baby boomers... and soon for the first time in history... there will be more people over the age of 65 than 18 and under.

Jim. now they're hitting retirement age in 2011 everyday a baby boomer is old enough to retire there's 10,000 everyday that are retiring and they will continue for the next 18 years...

but many are choosing to call this the second half of life... Jim Frazier is listening and ministering to baby boomers in a unique ministry designed just for them...

things like taking care of kids and taking care of parents. while still working... and looking at retirement.

Jim. " we also have classes for baby boomers on wed night that deal with these issues..

... we also offer Bible studies.

Jim is also meeting the boomers needs with technology... offering a blog and online support... he knows for many boomers this is the busiest time of their lives.

Jim. "I say about retirement... they will be old enough but they may not retire."

For many this second half of life offers a second chance to do what they really want to do.

They might retire from a life long job to get a new one doing something they see as more meaningful.

But the ministry is just in time... because... as boomers did with schools when they were children... then the job market... they are conquering new ground and changing our world.

Jim: " Baby boomers can expect to live to be 110 and 120 years old the last baby boomer will probably die around 20 80."