Matters of Faith Bonita the Bag Lady

Bonita the bag lady is coming to the Carver Theatre June 15th.Itt's a story that the writer promises will make a difference in your life.He wrote the one woman play for his mother... who can relate to the struggles of life.Dominique Johnson wrote "BONITA THE BAG LADY"{} He says, "it's about connection, I live in New York, and I ride the train all the time.{} New York is so congested{} on the train, I sit next to a person and they never speak."{}He says he mourned the lack of connection in New York. {}Dominique also says, "I grew up in south I'm used to at least how ya doing... i's so good to be home... cuz i notice we shoot the hand up go like this... at least we connect for a moment."Miss V is Dominiques mom and the actress of this one woman show.She says, "People know me as the comedian but I cry easily. When I started to read it I said wow you were three when I was there how did you remember that? It's about the world and how we miss it. We're so busy about our own agendas that we are sitting in churchbeside people who are hurting broken homeless... I for one was dressed up but I was messed up. I was in an abused relationship and I wasstill going.. I was still looking the part."Dominique says, "And how different would things have been if someone grabbed you by the hand and said come and sit with me for a day."Miss V{} says, "If I could have said look upon me listen to me hear me... see me."For this mother and son... faith got them through tough times... and it's that faith... they are trying to share in BONITA THE BAG LADY.It's filled with compassion, hope and a call to help your fellow man or woman.Miss V says, "She's sitting here with all these bags but she's not crying she's just saying listen so you don't miss the opportunity."A call to live life and not miss the rich stories of people all around us even though it's serious at times...its also a comedy."Our family went through a lot... The Bible says in Proverbs... Laughter doth good like a did it kept us healed..we were constantlygetting through stuff constantly ..this is a story of redemption... Us me and the children... Dominique is able to sit here as a man and so brilliantlymaster this place. Bonita has been ministering to me in so many ways...yea. Don't give up see yourself through..your gonna have bumps bruisesand hardships see yourself through. So a man believes in his heart... So he is...put you in a better place."{}BONITA THE BAG LADY will be performed June 14th and 15th.