Matters of Faith Chelsea's Miracle

{}{} It's not everyday you hear about a miracle... but Chelsea Reynolds has one to tell.{} When she was fourteen years old, she was playing golf and felt her toes go strangely numb.{} After doctors were stumped for awhile, they finally found out she was suffering from guillain barre syndrome. It robbed her of the ability to walk. It was even moving into her hands.{} She found it hard to even hold a fork in her hand to eat.{} Her love of gold and her love of singing and performing had to be put on hold for treatments and physical therapy.{}One particular day she remembers working so hard with her physical therapist and she got a set back.{} She said her physical therapist told her that her progress had plateaued... And there was little hope that she would be able to walk normally again.{} She turned it over to God and asked him to use her even if she was in a wheelchair.{}But shortly after that news,{} she had a miracle.{}{} Her parents wheeled her out to the back yard to garden.{} She was digging in the soil when she says she heard a man's voice whisper the words get up and run.She heard it a second time.{} She says she thought it was insane but she tried.{} She got up and she started running around the back yard!{} She ran around and around and around.{} Since that day she has been cured!{} She is going back to school at the University of Alabama to get her Masters in Theater.