Matters of Faith Converting to Christianity

When Karim Shamsi-Basha had a life threatening aneurism... he says it was the beginning of a life change.

He says he was raised a Muslim... but his faith journey led him to convert to Christianity.

I came to this country in 1984 I was 18 and I was exposed to many

Christians and throughout my teen years I grew up in Damascus

Syria...and throughout my teen years I never understood the grace of

Christianity. How they an go to Heaven with out doing anything, in Islam

the religion I was born in was law ... very didactic very esoteric you have to

earn your salvation. in Christianity it was a free gift.


He worked at the Birmingham News Post Herald... until he had a life threatening and life changing moment.

In 1992 April 8th. The fire at the Presbyterian Church on Highland

Avenue.... my brain exploded with a ruptured aneurism ... 90 percent of the

people die when it's in the lower middle brain.. I'm in a coma for three takes me a year to get back to work... 8 to 10 months.

My neurologist said I need to search or why I survived cause it was

pretty miraculous.

He started searching and seeking his faith journey.

Four years later I converted I was told god wants to show his love

through my story, so I invited him to do so.

I struggled from 92 to 96 I am the way the truth and the life no one

comes to the father but by me. I didn't want to leave my family behind.

I talked to Reverend Frank Barker...he said. " Your family is in the hands of God I

need to make a decision for me."

Frank Barker is the founding pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church.

I made the leap... I had a divorce affected me greatly... 2005 I lost my dad

which effected me more than greatly... I was mad at God. 2008 I met a

woman who asked is Jesus your Lord and Savior?

If it's just Karim and Jesus he is my everything.

That's when I became a Christian. July 2 08.

I looked for Frank Barker...he told me something similar 12 years earlier...I

found him...

I said 12 years ago you said Jesus Christ was the only way to

heaven and now I believe that...

He said come have lunch with me... since then he's been disciple

ling me.

He also has written a book:

Karim: "Paul and me a journey to Damascus Road from Islam to Christ.

It's basically what the Lord did in my life."

I wanted to chronicle Paul's Journey Paul was on the way to persecute

Christians. He was hit blinded for three days he made a 180 degree

turn he was the number one opponent to Christianity to the number one

proponent of Christianity.. best selling book of all time... as Malcolm Glad

well psychologist said he was a tipping point and now my life is about

what made Paul a tipping point and what we can be tipping points in our

own lives...

@Now he says his new journey is speaking.

I am speaking a lot and I want to write more books.

He learned himself... in his weakness... he found new strength in his new faith.

When I am weak I am strong. We have to admit our weakness and let

God fill us with his power.