Matters of Faith: Executive Study and Hope

A local man gave up a successful career in the business world... to minister to men.

Richard Simmons the Third... says... successful men are most at risk for depression ... break downs and even suicide.

That's why he's made it his mission to share good news with them.

Richard Simmons III is a counselor and a teacher. His center is a men's ministry he started 13 years ago.

It is specifically directed at men... because he says he saw a need.

Simmons says, " They hit this and think it's a mid life crisis I contend it's a spiritual crisis. I realized there is a great opportunity to reach men spiritually."

Simmons also responded to his calling... because he has seen men reach the bottom ... more men than women will commit suicide in this country.

Simmons says men get burdened with the responsibilities of life.

And he wants to reach and help them before that happens.

Simmons says, "It can be dangerous because it can lead to breakdown and suicide. We have faith based counseling we have a full time counselor."

Here he also holds men's Bible studies....

On this particular day the focus was on seeing the present as a blessing.

Simmons. "Unfortunately the past has so much baggage and weighs us down and sabotages today."

Simmons explains, men struggle with the future worry and uncertainty ... fear and anxiety.

Simmons: "The problem with men is they don't talk. Get two women together at Star bucks... and they share.... men just talk about sports....this is what we're struggling with."

Now he is offering up hope and focus on living a truly rich spiritual life. He counsels men, offers Bible studies and more...

We don't lose hope.