Matters of Faith Feeding Hungry Children

Children are going to bed hungry right here in Alabama.

But a couple decided to do something about the problem.

And now the eyes of the nation are watching their plan to feed hungry children.

Jim Jones is a volunteer working to feed hungry children. He says, "My co-director Linda and my wife Linda we were invited to the end hunger summit in Washington DC and the alliance to end hunger Summit thought they could review our program to feed others.

Jim and Linda Jones work during most of their free time to help feed hungry children in their community. now they are getting attention from national groups involved in feeding the hungry.

Linda Jones says, "We'd been on so many mission trips around the world we had seen hunger everywhere and it always touches our hearts to see those little children... here in our own home town... you just have to do something about it. when God puts it on your heart he's not gonna leave you alone.

The Jones'... rent this storage unit.... for the food that is donated for the children.

Linda Jones says, "We have chef boyardee.... vienna sausage.... Peanut butter and crackers"

The Jones are feeding 256 children each week through their Alabama childhood food solutions program.

Jim Jones: "These kids are food insecure get breakfast and lunch at school... program we have a backpack of food we prepare and send home with em... so they will have calories over the weekend can sustain themselves. Come back to school rested refreshed and not hungry."

Linda: "We take boxes of food to the schools and in turn the teachers get other students to help them bag the individual bags with the food in it and then they put it in back packs so that other kids don't know they have that food.'

The program is doing more than just feeding children over the weekend... it's also helping other more fortunate students understand... compassion.

Linda: "We have a teacher with a 15 year old daughter and she was helping fill bags and she said it has just changed her life. .... she's changed for the good."

The message the Jones hope the children receive is a matter of faith.

@Jim: "Jesus loves you and we do too."

Linda: "If you give of yourself you learn that others are more important than yourself."