Matters of Faith Flowers for Daddy

{} After a tragedy... sometimes people are moved to{} help others with similar paths.{}A fourteen year old young lady... designed duct tape flowers for her father who had to be in I-C-U during his cancer battle.{}Now that loving gesture is growing.Two friends working together on a project, they say is amatter of faith... 14 year old Kelsey and 16 year old Michael, hope these flowers will bring joy to people who need a little encouragement.The idea was born out of heartache.Kelsey's dad got very sick.Lori McGowan is her mom.She says, "My husband was diagnosed with cancer in May of last year he had lungcancer and. He was in and out of the hospital in I-C-U .. he went onhospice. He had a love of flowers. he was notable to have flowers soKelsey my daughter sat down one day after watching a youtube video...saw someone making it with duct tape... That's how it began.{} Hepassed away in September and that's how Flowers For my Daddy $5 a flower... proceeds go to cancer society and the rest goes to buymore duct tape."{}Michael Vick is Kelsey's friend.He says, "Most flowers don't take that long the spikys.. they take longer... theroses take 5 minutes.. just to lay it all out fold it and curve the far they have made a hundred or so... but they hopetheir project blossoms into thousands or more... just toshow someone hurting and feeling alone... that someonecares... and is thinking about them. I hope we can take em to hospitals more often to give em to children topatients in icu that can't have the roses... and to get to nursing homes toget to the flowers.{}Give it to cancer society and give as much as we can."To find out more you can find kelsey's flowers on facebook at Flowers For My Daddy.