Matters of Faith "Follow Me"

A local pastor.. is making headlines for his best selling books...

Pastor David Platt of Church at Brook Hills... has a new book out and it too has made the best seller list.

{}The Church at Brook Hills has seen many changes... over the years... and now it's faithful... are seeing a pastor who's faith is bearing fruit... in the form of getting the word out... through best selling books...

his first was "Radical".

{}David Platt says, " First book I wrote: "Radical, taking back your faith from the American dream... we were gonna just self publish it and make it available to our members but then publishers got interested in it. Published it, I thought maybe my mom would buy it at that point. But many many more people bought it than I could imagine."

The book exploded in popularity.

Pastor Platt. "I'm pretty shocked all three books have been on the New York best seller list."

{}The bottom line? give everything away.... for your faith.

David. "The whole picture behind Radical?

There are ideas in our culture in church atethetical to the Gospel... if we're not careful we can create a nice comfortable version of the American Dream it missed the point of what Christ is calling us to giver our lives away not to gain more and more possesions but to give away possessions for the good of others the glory of Christ.

Now he has a new book out... it's called: " Follow Me".

David. "The point of "Follow Me" to take next step. Radical was written to say what do we need to let go of in this world? "Follow Me" was written to say who are we holding onto what does it mean to follow Jesus... cultural Christians but Biblically noT followers of Christ.

He says... he is called to lead people to a real relationship in their faith.

and he says to eternal glory.

Pastor Platt says, " Many will say to me Lord Lord did we not do all these things he said I never knew you ... those are some of the most haunting verses in the Bible for me. I stay awake at night there may be many to be shocked to stand before Jesus and hear him say I never knew you.

And this preacher... is doing as he preaches...

The money earned from the books goes to missions around the world.

{}Pastor Platt. "It's not padding my pocket book... give to glory of Christ in the world."