Matters of Faith Free from Prison

If someone you know is asking for a second chance... you just might consider granting it... after reading this story.

Edward Johnson admits he ran a drug selling operation... here in central Alabama.

But he doesn't admit committing the three murders that landed him on death row two decades ago.

He says it was a miracle... that he found his faith, the love of his life and his way back home.

Edward Johnson had a college scholarship to play baseball at Miles College.. and a shot at the pros.. but he says bad choices landed him behind bars.

Edward Johnson/former death row inmate, says, "I got involved in the drug gang it cost me everything."


He was on death row for three murders he says he did not commit. He admits running a drug trade operation.

He battled the legal system... and got moved from death row to a sentence of life in prison.

But he says soon after that... he wanted to give up... when he was told by prison officials he had no hope of ever getting out of prison.

That's when he reached out to his high school sweetheart... Valencia... that's when she sprung into action... and started praying for Edward.

Valencia Johnson is now Edward's wife. She says, "He was like I'm giving up I'm quitting. I went into my Jesus mode I said oh no your not you shall live and not die.

She says she started praying in tongues.

Valencia. "I know the power of prayer. We was having bible study over the phone."

Edward Johnson. "God is so good I thank him every day, he placed a woman of God ... gave him my word never hurt her."

Valencia: "In this thing we call being saved we miss loving people where they are even when they seem unlovable even when they seem bad.

Edward. "Bad."

Valencia: "I love the fact the Bible said he died for us when we were yet in our sins. That's a part of our role too we have to love each other."

Valencia is a comedian... she travels the country to make people laugh... but she also found god used her connection to Edward to humble her when she would visit Edward in prison.

Valencia. you got to be searched and I'm thinking I'm Mrs v (snap) I get of planes and people are standing at the end of escalator with my name .. I'm somebody... but god used it as a way to humble me too.

while Edward was doing time in prison... Valencia had been in an abusive marriage for 21 years...

while Valencia helped Edward keep working for a parole hearing... he also helped her have the courage to step away from the abuse.


Edward. "She had been through 21 years of hell in a marriage."

@Against all odds... after praying and working through the system... this couple says it is nothing less than a miracle that Edward got his parole hearing and is a free man today

Edward Johnson: "We just trust God it causes me to die to me. I'm willing to die for her she's a handful now, calls for patience she died for 5 years waiting on me."

The couple was married in prison.. and she waited on the love of her life and God.


Valencia Johnson/comedian. "The man he is today and the woman I am today we can both celebrate these brand new people."

Edward says, "Be husbands to your wives... be lovers be caring if you protect them God will protect you. Be patient with life, be humble with life, don't give up."