Matters of Faith Gabe's Story

{}{}{} Parents are fighting to save their son....Gabe Griffin has duchene ... his muscles break down... but they don't have the protein to rebuild them.{}{} The family is racing against time to get a drug approved that could save him.{}{} Gabe and his twin sister{} just turned 9 .... the Griffin family is celebrating with a game in the back yard.{}Gabe looks like a normal healthy little boy.... but he has been diagnosed with a rare condition.Scott Griffin is Gabe's dad.{}He says, "He has a disease called duchene its a muscular disorder. Although heruns and plays... his muscles are deteriorating on the inside. There's not atreatment and not a cure. His prognosis: at 12 he is expected to be in a wheelchair. Then at 19 or 20 hisjourney will be over." But there is hope.... it's a drug called apperson.It has no known side effects, but got denied approval.{}It's the only hope this family has to keep Gabe healthy.So the griffins organized a petition to get the drug back on the table to get approved.Scott says, "I am trying to save my son. We have been going to D.C. And in a letter writing campaign not only to getthis drug in the hands of Gabe but the other children that could benefit.{}15,000 other children in the U.S. Have duchene.{}We had to get a hundred thousand signatures in 30 days... forObama to have to officially respond."{} They got the needed signatures and are awaiting a response.While in D.C. the Griffins tried to meet with many lawmakers... made a new friend in Congressman Bachus' office.{}Michael Staley/Congressman Bachus Chief of Staff.{} "I'm standing in the doorway this little red headed kid comes up to me and says areyou Spencer Bachus? I said no but come on in.{}I instantly fell in love with the family, when you see a dad willing toput everything on the line to save his son it touches your heart."{}Michael Staley is going to ride across the country to bring attention to{} this condition... and raise money to fight it.{}Scott, "God puts people in your lives for a reason.{}right now i'm trying to save my son."Michael says, "This is a time of my life I want to give back,{} to take a message acrosscountry is not a sacrifice compared to what Scott and Tracy do for Gabe.{}We are gonna ride June 28 we are gonna go from astoria oregon andride across the country..once we get past iowa...head south... end the ride inmobile."{}Scott, "As a parent you pray everyday you are not in this situation and youpray everyday you are not. But we're here we can either hide our head instand or fight.{} One day I'm gonna have totell him that he's dying.{}I pray every night that day doesn't come. I do believe with{} appersonwe have a chance."{}Here's how you can help.... they are asking for help in using an rv and camping equipment for the trek.and the hope for{} gabe team is looking for a volunteer who can help with marketing along the way.{}also you can donate money to help fight duchenne,{} go to