Matters of Faith Grace House Gift Wrap

With all the preparation for shopping, don't forget at the Riverchase Galleria the Grace House Christian home for girls gift wrap booth will be in full operation on Black Friday.

The gift wrap booth at Riverchase Galleria at Christmastime has supported Grace House Christian Home for girls for more than 20 years.

At the center... the heart of Grace House... Momma Lois Coleman... who is 90 .

And she's proud of it.

"I'm 90 years old Brenda."

What is amazing is... at 90... she remembers scripture memorized long ago.


Momma Lois Coleman: Isaiah 55

All who thirst come to the waters he who has no money I didn't have any

money he said come buy wine and milk. without money and without cost

why do you spend your money for life not bread?


It's that scripture, faith hope and training.. she passes on to the girls who come to grace house... girls who's parents... couldn't keep them.


I saw kids untrained uncultured uncouth... my parents were strict.

the lord sent me up to them engaged in conversation I asked how

would they like to go out for hamburgers o e day for lunch.

invited girls to a bible study.

They agreed cuz they were so happy to see someone. act as if I care .

I felt like the lord could use me to bring theses potentials out. using

good grammar correct posture.

I give them bibles and write in it what the man who led me to the

lord wrote in mine. I says this book will keep you out of sin. sin will keep

you out of this book.


It's donations at the gift wrap booth that help her raise the girls to have a brighter future.

Pamela Phipps/ Director

it means money donations support. help girls directly. every dollar we

raise goes directly to children.

food clothing everything it takes to feed and house them.

24 girls are housed fed loved and supported at grace house.

impart the word of god and to teach them about becoming good citizens

@And this year like every year for the past 20 years.... momma Lois will be at the gift wrap booth...

Momma Lois: You bet your sweet nippy I'm going out there!

Pam says the project started more than 20 years ago... with a father Day gift wrap booth.