Matters of faith help for Oklahoma storm victims

The stories from Moore Oklahoma are all too familiar to the people of Pleasant Grove.

Two years ago... the area was devastated by tornados.

The people of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church understand this weeks storm victims are going through.

Associate Pastor Daniel Williams says ... in Pleasant Grove... former storm victims... can feel Oklahoma's pain... and are ready to help.

Pictures of Oklahoma's destruction... hits home for Daniel Williams.

{}Dan Williams is an associate pastor. He says, "My heart goes out to them you see the destruction you really can feel what they are going through."

Two years ago... Dan Williams house was damaged in Pleasant Grove.

After the storm, the feeling of being lost was overwhelming.

Pastor Dan Williams also says, "What to do next not knowing where to turn what to do next."

{}Many of his neighbors homes were wiped away.

Dan: " Your asking why me why my neighborhood.

some died here and many were injured.

He recalls the day of April 27th two years ago and the days following.

Dan says, "Not knowing where to turn even to eat that evening or what to do the next day where to sleep that night.

Oklahoma storm victims... experienced the same type of dismay and shock.

He says Alabama churches are planning to step up to help Oklahoma..,. whether it be boots on the ground or simply donations.

This church... Pleasant Grove First became a central location for the basic needs of life.

Dan: "Two years ago we had clothes any type of clothing you could want... bathing products, toothpaste , toothbrushes, diapers family needs... we still had tables set up to feed people."

Dan: "The church was able to provide meals."

A national faith based organization provided a trailer... with hot meals.

He recalls the most basic things were the most important following the tragedy.

@Dan: "it was a crowd in here everyday."

@Pleasant Grove Baptist is now formulating a plan to get help to Oklahoma through supplies and manpower.

They received... the help and are now mobilizing to give back.

@Dan: "There's a lot of people that came out and helped in Pleasant Grove... and we need to do something too."

And he says... if you can't help with manpower... or supplies... you can make a simple donation... that will go along way.

@Dan: "We will help through Alabama Baptists relief and we are able to get money to churches that are helping people."

He prays that like Pleasant Grove .... they too will get through the critical time... and find a way to heal.

@Dan: "You finally get to the point you've got to pick up the pieces... and move on... for the sake of your family you've got to figure it out. you've got to move on and you need to find a peace."