Matters of Faith Hope Everlasting MInistries

A relatively new church is having an impact on the Pinson community.

Pastor Derrick Jordon says they are now gearing up to offer hope to those in need... and help collect toys for children... that will feed into toys for tots.

It's all centered at the East Pinson Valley Recreational Center.

Pastor Derreck Jordon says he was called to pastor the HEM or the Hope Everlasting Ministry.

Pastor Derrick Jordon. " November 2002 I clearly heard the Lords voice he explained. I started to

understand scripture more.

In December, I preached my first sermon.

I believe there's something unique what we do here at Hope Everlasting Ministry....our goal is to build a city of hope.

So people can have hope to live a successful life in Christ Jesus by the Grace of God. "


he says he clearly heard god call him to this ministry and hears gods direction.

sometimes hell wake me at 4 a m with a word to share with somebody.

now he says god is directing him and the hem to help children this Christmas.


we have a campaign the hem cares for kids.

years ago he helped raise bikes for kids.. but now he and his church are focusing on toys for tots..

6:46 as people contribute through our our phobos or just want

to drop off toys at the center then that's greats. now we are saying girls

boys...whether people want to bring shirts socks t shirts. whatever they want

to do to help our young people this holiday time we want young people to

wake up Christmas morning and have a sense of enjoyment.. it's a way to

help them feel good about themselves... if toys help them get the spirit of

the lord... if that's what god wants to use to get there he'll do it.

pastors hope is to help children this Christmas... and those in his community... throughout the year.


we see people come in some may be shattered some may be doubtful

that they can hear voice of god , they've seen god work in the lives. ... be

confident in Christ Jesus. so we've seen lives changed.

9:33 hope everlasting ministry is that church that will make a difference in the


@The hem has four big events a year at the East Pinson valley recreation center where they worship.

The toy drive is one of them.

Yes... but again Pastor Jordon says he would like to establish a church building.

But again he is waiting for God to show him the next move.