Matters of Faith iCAN Bracelet

What does God, Walmart and a bracelet have in common?

A local couple has designed a bracelet to offer encouragement to people in times of trouble.

Now their creation may be sold at Walmart.

They say their bracelet was all a matter of faith.

Do you ever need a little encouragement?

This is the Ican strength bracelet designed by the farmers.

Ann Farmer is a developer of the product along with her husband Dan. The I can bracelet is based on Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Dan Farmer is the developer. "There was a big hoopla about strength and balance in bracelets that give you power. I started thinking how do we translate that into something good."

Dan. "If we're gonna trust in a product to give us strength and balance and power why don't we trust in something that truly makes a difference."

On the package Philippians 4;13 is written... on the band it says strength I can conquer anything!

Dan. "Whether its going through a divorce or going through infertility health issues knowing then can get through it and giving them a mechanism to be a constant reminder that they can get through it regardless of what it is."

Dan and Ann each have their own separate successful businesses... she is a marketer for the airlines, he is a software developer... and they say there is very littler profit margin built in... this project is simply to get the word out and exercise their faith.

Ann. "You may not always have your Bible with you and I can is a tool reminder you can get through tough times. A reminder to keep our focus on the Lord we all have bad things in our lives keep our focus on the lord.

And they've watched how they say God has opened doors.. the bracelets are selling well... in several stores... now they have a chance to sell them to Walmart nationwide.

Ann. "Walmart is running a national get on the shelf promotion where everyday consumers could submit product choices. I can bracelet was chosen as 1 of the finalists now its up to the public to vote it in."