Matters of Faith Inspirational Veterinarian

A{} local veterinarian runs his business as most do, they keep a close account of goods and services. But a pair of local vets hope their business will also minister to those in their community... whether they're furry or not.

Dr. Jimmy Jordan is one of the two veterinarians who operates the Caldwell Mill Animal Clinic.

He says, "My partner And I both feel like the reason we were able to go to vets

school god gave us the ability to do that and we feel like God is most important

thing In our lives."

{}And that's why here at Caldwell Animal Clinic you'll see the walls adorned with scripture.

Dr. Jordan says, "We've chosen a Bible verse from job we have out front... Every good and

perfect gift is from above... Animals are definitely one of Gods creations

which we know and so just trying to relate to that business wise.. One of

my favorite verses all things work together for good for those that love the


@And you'll see a paw and cross in the front window. FRONT WINDOW.

@Dr. Jordan says, "Whether it be with employees or customers...take advantage of

opportunities God put in front of us. {}Hopefully trying to do what God wants us to do in our

business. I think that's important.

And on any given week on this board outside you may find a Bible verse greeting drivers passing by.

But does it help or hurt business?

{}Most of the time it's very helpful we do get phone calls from people

who don't like our sign.same time when they don't like our sign it gives us

the opportunity to talk to them. You never know that might be the only

opportunity someone can share with them in a loving way.

{}They believe peoples pets are a gift from God.

We have clients who have illnesses their pets probably are the biggest

source of joy they have during the day. Our pets love us regardless of the

situation.. They don't have a bad day.

@He believes animals help tell us the story of Gods unconditional love and more life lessons.

Dr. Jordan: "When their is a pet illness we pray with the owner and we know God

creates our pets and takes care of em in a special way when their time.

has come.

{}Talk to clients about what happens when we pass away ...and talk

about assurance of eternity with god in heaven.

{}Just keep focus on God in all situations we face very important.

Partner leads a Bible study

God created us to glorify him and hopefully thru this business we are

able to do that.