Matters of Faith Mrs V a Christian Comedian

Laughter is the best medicine... and it goes back the bible.

a local Christian comedian says she is working to help women who have had tough times... bounce back with laughter.

Valencia Johnson/comedian. the bible says laughter doeth good like a medicine. so that's my catalyst for the comedy in it's a healing tool that's what I use it for.

Valencia Johnson is a mom... who's faced loss..

Valencia says: " I'm the mother of seven children... and my oldest daughter is deceased... I've been though a divorce and I've had some health challenges."

But through her suffering, she's learned to laugh... to help her heal.

Mrs. V says, "{}When my daughter died that was a crucial time for me it was a time{}I had to decide if{}I was gonna live."

Her child died after taking a fall on a playground. Her faith pulled her through that grief.

Mrs. V, "H e is sovereign God nothing slips up on him."

She now wants to help other women with hurting hearts."

Mrs. V. "Brenda my passion is that of healing and restoration .{}We get healed but we don't go back and get stuff we lost ... once you get over that don't allow it to overtake your life.{}{}Come back to that place to get your laugh on again."

She says it's the hope she find in faith that' keeps her laughing through tough times... to get to the good times.

Mrs. V. "{}That's what keeps us alive that's what keeps us laughing that's what keeps us healing keeps us forgiving."

Mrs V{}promises a day with her is like a day at the beach.

She says,{}"Its gonna be fun it's gonna be funny it's gonna be releasing its gonna be an opportunity to let go, {}life is short. If we got one more day we gonna let our hair down pull our dresses up and walk in the water ya know... (laughs)