Matters of Faith Orphan Care

Thousands of Alabamians are opening their homes to new member of their families through adoption.

A local church and members who have adopted know that new parents need a little help.

At Shades Mountain Baptist Church the Orphan Care Ministry is supporting families who have adopted.


Mike Hill adopted Hanna. He says, "We adopted a little girl from Ethiopia she's been home since September she's 13 months old her name is Hannah Hill."


Melody Creasy adopted Gracen from the U.S.

Both families say those adopting need support from their communities and churches as they adopt and even after.

Melody says,"The orphan care ministry at Shades is really focusing on a new

program called wrap ..acts of service promises of God.

They simply want to set up help where ever help is needed.

Trying to bridge services and that cultural divide and trying to make it


Melody says she knows she needed help getting through the process.

Melody: " we would not have been able to adopt at all without our church .

you need what anyone else would need .. They go through a

biological birth. We needed to have a baby shower.... Prayer having food just having a babysitter.

The bible speaks of adoption. Encourage others through the process.

Through scripture."

Here at Shades Mountain Baptist, they help families through adoption and foster care. They are also reaching out to the community.

Melody: " Just the church supporting us from all the different aspects of

bringing a foreign little baby into your home.

your Sunday school class wrapping you in prayer."


Mike Hill: "When you walk in those shoes walk. The road is more difficult when you

come through. On other side you can give insight to others. That's what we're

trying to do and that's what our church is trying to surround ourselves

with this orphan care ministry."