Matters of Faith Rhema Art

Some people are so passionate about their faith... they express it in music or art.

Jenny Williams... is just that passionate.

She puts her small children to bed... and then says she praises God through her Rhema Art.

Rhema means word... As in the word.

Jenny Williams loves scripture. That's why she writes it on her art. Be strong and courageous is just one of them.

It's one of many Bible verses she displays on her art. It's also a message she learned through tough times... in life... losing a father, as a child.

Jenny: "I come from a big family but I had a. void for a dad."

And she had other challenges in life.

Jenny. "I went through tough times.... later in my life I looked for love in all the wrong places... when I was 18."

Jenny: "Dating became an idol. "

Jenny. "When I found his word.. the Lord had to strip me of co-dependency."

Jenny Williams: "I would rather have suffered in life.. I"d rather be able to identify with people who are hurting."

She also had a heartbreak when her first child died.

Jenny: "I met my husband .... had a baby and she lived 30 minutes."

{}She hopes her art will touch and help others who need encouragement.

Jenny Williams: "Everybody's going through something some may not be real about it."

{}Jenny showed her art on this day at this Christmas show at Briarwood Presbyterian.

She also blogs... and teaches Bible studies... all to help others through their tough times.

Jenny: "Me wanting to live out the Shema... ... painting scripture because it is life to me it is fascinating. I feel like I've been a Joseph.... my life so many opportunities to suffer... we try to shield our children from problems... but.... .... it's a catalyst."

Jenny: "Lord if I have your presence.. I can get through anything."