Matters of Faith: Sexton's Seafood helps students with Relay for Life event

Some John Carroll Students are working hard to help fight cancer. They are called to help others, fight the disease. And this year, they are including a fun and tasty way to help others, with a crawfish boil.

Roger Schroeder/Owner of Sexton's Seafood. "They come out in February.. And stay as late as July.

Actually they are a good size this year."

Roger Schroeder the owner of Sexton's Seafood donated crawfish to the John Carol Relay for Life event for a crawfish boil. For him the giving is a a matter of faith. It'll be a lot of fun for everyone.

Roger Schroeder. "First of all we had to get the crawfish which Sextons is being great and

providing us with. Need a lot of people to eat 700 lbs..

Roger Schroeder asked the students if they had big pots and potatoes for the boil.

At Relay for Life at John Carroll next weekend, it will be complimented with hot dogs, pizza and snow cones.

But they are determined to make sure they get the boil right!

Roger Schroeder/owner.

Brenda: " So what is the secret to a great crawfish boil?"

Roger: "Ingredients... And having fun its a great time to get together and

enjoy gathering at an all day event."

Fresh ingredients are always the best live crawfish from Louisiana.

Roger: " You get you some corn and potatoes and mushrooms fresh garlic...

Good crab boil together get your water boil together."

For the team captains, working to help others is a mater of faith.

JOHN RUPPERT: says , " So we can get a good

estimate of how many people are gonna come we need everybody to


The more people that come the more money we raise for cancer.

we are extending this invite to anyone who wants to come to this."

They are working hard in honor of a number of teachers who have battled cancer lately.

They hope their efforts will help beat cancer, and for these young people... That's their faith in action.

To make reservations for the John Carroll Relay for Life email... You can contact RELAY FOR LIFE