Matters of Faith Unadopted Run

It seems like those teenage years is when a young person really needs guidance.

That's what makes this hard to believe.

Some 14 year old orphans in China are put out on their own.

In Ukraine...they are kicked out at the age of 16.

an organization called "upadopted" is working to give these children a chance.

a run set for this weekend provides one way to help.

Annie Floyd is the unadopted coordinator. She says, "Unadopted is a ministry of Lifeline Children's Services and it's our ministry

to care for the kids internationally who will not get adopted.

There are more than a millions children around the world.

many of them will never be adopted.


Annie Floyd also says, "Our heart is we give opportunities to these children... Just as children have the

opportunity to be adopted we want these children to be able to have the same

opportunity. To be equipped with job skills and life skills and to be poured

into so that when they age out of the orphanage which is about 14 or 16,

They aren't put back on streets anymore but they are equipped to live life

on their own.

They go to the first thing that loves them and that's usually drugs and


This weekend at Veterans Park in Hoover... unadopted is asking you to run for one.

Krishna Yanko Lifeline Children's services

the run is run for one so when people are coming to run we are asking

me to run for one. That we serve and run for.

It is the second annual run... and the money goes to help these children stop the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

Krisha says, "God just brought people our way, we had over a hundred people sign up.

We had over 500 total.

They r gonna run for a kid that's gonna be poured into and have love.

Our hope in our ministry is that we would be able to share Christ

through adoption and caring for the fatherless.


"We want the local churches to be the people they come to.

To love them and support them through this transition out of an orphanage.

Just as we're adopted as children of god we want them to not just b

adopted into forever families but to have an eternal family and see Christ

as their father."

And there will be lots of free food, live music and fun at veterans park ...

get there to sign up at 7 am.