Matters of Faith10-7-12 Chaplain couple

Teamwork in most businesses is essential.

For fire departments... it is a way of life.

And for one married couple.... their teamwork as a chaplain duo... is making a big difference in many lives.

Recently the Center Point Fire Department put on the pink., to help fight breast cancer.... for many people here... it is a calling to help others fight cancer.

Wanda and Sam Manning... have a lot in common... they both serve the Center Point Fire Department... they are both chaplains... and they both happen to be married to each other.

Sam Manning the Chaplain says: "I do ministry side... on calls and if one of the guys need counseling."

While they are partners... in marriage... they are also chaplain partners here at center point fire.

Sam says. "She helps me with the wife side of it."

Sam is also proud that Wanda.... also is a corporate chaplain for companies.

Wanda Manning says, "We go into companies and visit with the employees from the floor sweeper to ..... all the way up to the president."


Wanda. when they have a need in their family hospital wherever we're needed funeral hospital. ... and we help employees.

fifteen years ago.... as Sam was getting ready to start ministering to others... he had a shock.

Wanda was diagnosed with cancer.

{}Wanda: "It was the week he was to graduate from seminary that I got diagnosed."

{}Sam: "I questioned the Lord. We go through trials in our lives to help others when they go through it."

During her treatment for breast cancer.... their ministry became clear.

Wanda: " He was witnessing..... While I was having chemo. I was in the back encouraging people that was like a ministry."

Both Sam and Wanda... continue to encourage those going through the cancer journey.

Wanda: "The Lord got me through it I want Him to use me in a mighty way. I know the Lord is using him in a mighty way.. I don't have a problem sharing him