May 24th Recipe - Spicy Korean Barbecue Pizza


8 oz Pizza Dough 1 ea1 fl oz Korean Barbecue Sauce 1 fl oz1 cup Mozzarella 3 oz3 oz Korean Barbecue Pork 3 oz 1/2 oz Slivered Scallions .5 oz6 shakes Sesame Seeds (Un toasted) .025 ozGARNISH1 1/2 cup Thai Salad Mix 4 oz 1/4 cup Cucumbers, Julienne 1 oz1 fl oz Sriracha Vinaigrette 1 fl ozPREPARATION:

1. Spread the sauce to within an inch of the outer edge of the stretched pizzadough.Hand-Tossed Only: Spread the sauce to the base of the rim.2. Distribute all other ingredients in order evenly to within 1/2" of the outeredge of the pizza.Hand-Tossed Only: Distribute all other ingredients in order evenly up to thebase of the rim of the pizza.3. Cook the pizza, remove from the oven and slice.4. Combine the Thai salad mix, cucumbers and vinaigrette and mound in thecenter of the pizza.


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