Hoover Mayor Gary Ivey "confident" for school bus resolution

Hoover Mayor Gary Ivey. (

The trouble with transportation.

Hoover City Schools is now saying it will reconsider the possibility of ending most bus services in 2014. The goal is to find other, alternative measures to save money.

"That's what I believe," Hoover Mayor, Gary Ivey, said.

It's something Ivey says is possible.

"I feel confident that there's some budget issues," he said. "But, I think they can be worked through over this next year."

According to the State Department of Education total revenue for Hoover City Schools from 2010 was $155,502,166. Last year, in 2011, total revenue was $151,239,421. A difference that is down more than $4 million.

Superintendent Andy Craig believes by cutting bus services, it would save roughly $2.5 million every year.

Ivey says since 2009 the city has given $2 million to the school system every year. That money is placed in the general fund.

"They can do with it as they see fit," Ivey said.

The CFO for the school system, as well as Superintendent Craig, were unavailable, Friday, to answer how that money has been used.

Ivey says Craig wants to put more money into the classrooms, especially with a growing enrollment and losing a number of teachers the past few years due to cutbacks.

Ivey says school matters are not his department, but he will continue to assist the superintendent and board as much as he can.

"The superintendent and I have been meeting every day, working on this," Ivey said. "We got a year to work out a solution."