Mayoral race heats up days before the election

Birmingham Mayor William Bell. (

After weeks and months of campaigning, fundraising and jockeying for the mayor's position it's without a doubt Kamau Afrika, Patricia Bell, Mayor William Bell, Stephannie Huey and Adlai Trone are kicking the campaign into high gear.

Kamau Afrika says his experience in Birmingham gives him uptick in the mayoral race. "I will bring fiscal conservatism. I will bring environmental responsibility. I'll bring a social consciousness, and we also need international recognition," says Afrika.

Patricia Bell is running for a fourth time and says she wants Birmingham to be a model city for other cities to follow. Bell says, "I'm running because it is my generation that has this responsibility that Birmingham upholds its name."

Mayor William Bell is running for re-election and says his goal is to tell all the good things that the city has done in spite of naysayers.

Stephanie Huey, on the other hand, says her Masters Degree in Mathematics and her professionalism makes her the better choice. "When it comes time to the budget, I can do the budget. There won't be any squabbling at the table because we're going to come to the table together," says Huey.

Last but not least is Adlai Trone who grew up in Birmingham. Trone is basing his campaign off of being a "Peoples mayor". Trone says, "I was born at Cooper Green, I know what it takes to be mayor. I have been here all my life and am involved in the community. I know what the community wants and needs." {}

Meantime, the Birmingham community expects to be out in full force on Tuesday to find out who or if someone will succeed Mayor William Bell.

The doors to polling places open at 7AM. {}