McAdory firefighters monitoring hot spots following brush fire

Several fire departments joined members of the Alabama Forestry Commission to get a fire in the McAdory area under control.

At one point, hundreds of houses were in danger.

The brush fire is out, but firefighters will continue monitoring for hot spots. It started on private property near the Letson Farms community, threatening hundreds of homes.

Numerous firefighters tackled a brush fire in the McAdory area that got out of control because of wind.

"This was within 100 yards, so it was sort of scary."

Bob Horn lives in Letson Farms. He watched as fire crews worked just beyond his house.

"We couldn't see the flames, but the smoke was really billowing up. there was a great deal of it and it was hanging around houses and going into the valley."

Some neighbors even prepared to evacuate.

Steve Midgley says, "I have a table just inside the house loaded up with stuff ready to leave, but it never came to that."

Fire threatened around 750 homes including some on Lou George Loop Road.

"Burned about 20 acres or so."

McAdory's Fire Chief says it started on private property as a result of casual burning. Firefighters and members of the Forestry Commission were able to get it under control by cutting a fire line around the flames.

Chief Jeff Wyatt says,"Outdoor burning is banned in Jefferson County because of the Federal Clean Air Act and we try to pass that word out."

County leaders are urging people not to do any burning to prevent a situation like this from happening.

The McAdory Fire Department has not said whether the property owner will face any penalties.