Update: Lockdown lifted at McAdory Schools, search called off

Traffic accident near school - believed to be related to police search (

The latest update from the JCSO:

2:20 p.m. - After an exhaustive search from the air and on the ground we believe the suspects are no longer in the area and the search has concluded. The school soft lock down has been lifted and they have returned to normal status.

Anyone with information on this case or the suspects are asked to contact the Sheriff's Office at 325-1450 or Crimestoppers at 254-7777.


Schools are on what is called a "soft lock down." This means no one is allowed outside of the school until area is deemed safe.{} This procudure is followed when there is criminal activity, search for a suspect, etc. in the area of a school that doesn't involve the school itself. Inside the school classes are going on as normal.


Update 11:15am:Just before 7:00 am this morning deputies were called to a traffic accident at McAshan Drive and Eastern Valley Road.

The accident involved a delivery van and a pharmaceutical courier van. Deputies learned that the delivery van had been seen watching the courier van as it was loaded at a pharmaceutical distribution center and then following it out. The delivery van attempted to cut off the courier van and ended up hitting it head on, disabling both vehicles.

Three suspects exited the truck and fled on foot. The steering column of the delivery van was broken indicating that it may be stolen. The registered owner was contacted and told deputies that he contracted the van out to a delivery service in Homewood. The last he knew the truck was on the lot of this delivery service. He is on the way to check on his van and file a report with Homewood Police.

The driver of the courier van suffered significant injuries and was transported to UAB hospital. His condition is unknown. Tracking dogs were brought in to assist in the search for the suspects. A track was found about a mile from the accident scene. While searching, deputies discovered a bandana and a pair of gloves. ATV's are being brought in to aid in the search as well as the Sheriff's office Star 1 helicopter. McAdory Middle and High School have been locked down as a precaution. The search is taking place about two miles southwest of the schools.

The suspects are described only as black males.


Update 9:55am:The Jefferson County Sheriff's office is calling for their helicopter to aid in the search for the suspects. They are already using tracking dogs in the area.The driver of the van involved in the crash has been taken to a local hospital. The suspects are believed to have been driving the large "box truck" involved in the accident.

The school remains under lock down.


Update:The lockdown is not for anything at the school. Police are looking for three suspects in the area after they crashed a car that was believed to be stolen on McAshan Drive.

Police are searching the area with tracking dogs.

The lockdown is purely a precaution.


McAdory Schools are currently under lockdown (8:05am) while Jefferson County Deputies search the area for a suspect. It is unknown at this time what the suspect is wanted for.

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