Meals on Wheels expects check from county by the end of the week

Meals on Wheels provides hundreds of thousands of hot meals yearly to homebound seniors in Jefferson county. But it takes money to run the program, and the Jefferson County Council on Aging has not been paid by the county since December.

The organization needs a check for some $60,000. Just a{}few{}hours ago, Jefferson County Manager Tony Petelos told ABC 33/40's Candace Sweat that{}a check for that amount was being cut this afternoon and should be on his desk by tomorrow.

Petelos is confident the Meals on Wheels program will continue. But what has{}taken so long to get that check?

Petelos says the county had requested proper documentation from the Jefferson County Council on Aging. Petelos says the issue was never that the county did not want to pay them.{}He says the county was{}simply waiting for proper{}paperwork.

But chairman of the council, William Nolan, says the county was asking for the same documentation over and over again. He says the council had already provided{}proper information to{}the county.

With a{}$60,000 check coming, Meals on wheels is expected to survive. However other unnamed vendors who provide similar services also have threatened to pull the plug. Petelos says some of the responsibility for those services will be absorbed by the county.