Medical files dumped in Gordo

      Some medical records in Pickens County may have been compromised.

      Dozens of patient folders, with personal information were found off Julia Elmore Road in Gordo.{} Neighbors first noticed the pile two weeks ago.

      ABC 33/40 has learned the files came from Doctor John Brandon's Medical Practice in Gordo. A woman who works in that office lives near where the files were found and admits she dumped the files.

      Diane Akin says a majority of the folders {}belong to deceased patients and she was planning to burn them.

      ABC 33/40 did find records belonging to some current patients in the pile.{} We contacted some and they were furious.

      We contacted Dr. Brandon.{} He says they do burn old files but, these particular files were taken to that location without his knowledge and he would have them picked up.