Meeting could determine winner in Colony's mayoral race

Meetings expected to take place Thursday afternoon in the Cullman county town of Colony may result in the selection of a new mayor. If not, the town will have to wait until at least November to find out who won.

In Tuesday's mayoral runoff, each candidate, Donnis Leeth and Patrick Ward, received 64 votes. Both of these{}candidates beat out mayor Morris Fitts in the August 28, 2012 election.

Typically, in such a tie, the city council, including the mayor, would vote, but in this instance, such a vote most likely would also end in an even split.

Town clerk Patricia Farris confirmed for abc3340 Leeth and Ward are each meeting with the mayor and clerk this afternoon. One of the candidates could concede.

If that doesn't happen and the council vote ends in a tie, then the town will have to wait until the new council is sworn in on November 5. There is another problem. Ward and Leeth are sitting council members. So, the three new council members would then have to select and vote on two additional people to take their seats and cast votes.

If the new council couldn't agree, then the vote moves to the governor's office. The governor would have 30 days to appoint the new mayor.

Should the governor fail to do so, then, a new election would be held.