Melanoma Monday reminds us to get a checkup

Every hour the clock ticks off, one person dies of melanoma skin cancer. In that same hour 15 more patients are diagnosed with melanoma. The patients are younger than ever.

This is Melanoma Monday, a day to remind all of us to schedule a yearly checkup with a dermatologist for a look at the moles on our skin. Dermatologist, Dr. Gary Monheit reminds us that patients who are fair skinned with light eyes are especially at risk. A severe sunburn early in life can be another risk factor. An individual with 50 or more moles may also be at a higher risk. If someone else in the family has had melanoma that too is a risk factor for other family members.

Monday, on focus@4, Dr. Monheit will explain more about the sudden increase in melanoma skin cancer and why, if caught early, it is almost always curable. He will also tell us about a new FDA approved machine, called the Melafind - short for Melanoma Finder - that can examine a suspicious mole without an invasive biopsy. His office is the only one in Alabama at this time that has the Melafind.

Join us for focus@4.