Memorial Day Remembrance Program

There are extraordinary stories of courage and accomplishment about those who are serving or have served our country. Family members are also carrying on stories of bravery of those no longer with us.

A{}special ceremony at Alabama Veterans Memorial Park honored veterans and active service, while also remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

"I'm honored to dedicate this everlasting memorial to Lt. John P. Zaretki. A veteran, a hero, a grandpa and father, husband, friend and a cook. Love you Papa Phil."

An additional 45-service men and women will forever be remembered at Alabama Veterans Memorial Park. Their names, now displayed on StepStones for all to see.

Captain Margaret Adams says, "It's a great honor, considering my stepstone is among some very important veterans that sacrificed a lot. You had some POW's in there and people who served a great number of years."

Many veterans attended the Memorial Day Remembrance Program.. including Willard Yarbrough who fought in WWII and received the purple heart. "It feels wonderful, thank you."

Tommy Fancher says, " A lot of these guys did make big sacrifices."

A stepstone can be purchased for any member of the military. There are around 800 so far. Birmingham City Council member Kim Rafferty bought one for her daughter, a marine and her grandfather who was in World War II. "It's good to be able to read the names and to see the names, to appreciate what these people have actually given and are still giving, so we can continue living free."

Following the dedication was a moment of silence, remembering Alabamians who have lost their lives.. since September 11th.

Adams says, "As simple as this stepstone might seem, it means a lot."

Stepstones cost one-hundred dollars. For more information, just visit