Memorial service held in Holt Community

It's hard to believe it's been two years since the tornado outbreak across our state. Saturday night, there was much reflection.

A memorial service in the Holt community in Tuscaloosa County, remembered those who died in the storm.

The names of more than 50 people who died in the storm in Tuscaloosa were read at the service.

A day of remembrance, a day of comfort. It's been two years since the deadly tornado outbreak in Alabama, but for many, it feels like it happened just yesterday.

Thelma Rice lost her son Kevin. "It's been devastating. It's been really rough. He left behind four kids and they're still torn up. They wouldn't come out here today."

The devastation in the Holt Community still so very fresh in the minds of many.. including Tameka Rancher. "I had a neighbor, David Latham, he was next door to me, he perished in the storm and across the street from me was Annie Sayers, she perished in the storm as well."

This empty field was once home to dozens of families. Rancher helped organize the memorial service to remember those killed in the storm.. along with survivors still recovering.

"Ever since the event, I've been doing all I can and whatever I can to help the people of the area try to recover from this both mentally and physically." Aundrea Thomas was a first responder when the storm hit. "Have dreams of that day, I think of that day. Just yesterday I talked with one of the victims in the storm."

Survivors are still faced with reminders. Rancher is ready to see change in her neighborhood. "We still have homes on top of the hill still standing from two years ago. They are just like they were when the storm hit."

Tuscaloosa County Commissioner, Jerry Tingle,{} says "The state's already gave me a date and they're going to start tearing houses down the end of May. I'm going to keep them to that." To help this community continue moving forward.

Tuscaloosa County Commissioner, Jerry Tingle, says he's working on bringing more changes to the holt community.. so more houses can be built. He wants to do more of a clean-up effort as well as improve a local road, add some traffic lights and possibly a new high school.