Mentoring program makes big impact with young men

Boys and young men gathered today in the Magic city to hear stories of encouragement from community leaders.

The group is called "Man of the House" mentoring program. It's for young men raised in a single parent home who need guidance and life skills. Ages ranged from 12 to 14. They came from Memphis to learn from mentors and professionals from around Birmingham.

Some of the skills they learned ranged from tying a tie, painting and changing the oil in a car. They also learned history and the Civil Rights Era at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. The founder, Tony Nichelson says the purpose is for young men to be a stand up kind of guy or the man of the house.

"When you look at incarnation, illiteracy, drop outs, teen pregnancy, these are some serious things. Almost as serious as the issues faced in the civil rights era," says Nichelson.

The group left Birmingham at 4pm.