Mercedes spins another supplier with jobs to Tuscaloosa

{} Tuscaloosa's picking up another 100 jobs thanks to success at the Mercedes plant in Vance.{} German based 'Boysen' will begin construction of $34 million dollar plant in Brookwood Plaza.{} The company will make exhaust systems for the Mercedes C-Class SUV which will begin production in 2014.

{}{} The announcement was made at the North River Yacht Club because the site for Boysen is not yet suitable and Mercedes is undergoing a $600 Million dollar renovation for the C-Class.

{}{}{} County leaders say while Boysen is only bringing a hundred jobs, you have to look at the big picture.{} "They make these exhaust systems from beginning to end themselves.{} That opens the door for suppliers to help them," said County Commission Chairperson, Hardy McCullom.{} He says it could set off a chain reaction and ultimately pump thousands into the local economy.

{} McCullom says other than the normal abatements, Boysen did not ask for any other special tax cuts for locating in Tuscaloosa.

{}{} The company already has plants all around the world and currently makes parts for Mercedes in Germany.