Mercury level concerns in tuna


Children may be ingesting high levels of mercury with their tuna fish sandwiches at school and at home. That is according to research by the Mercury Policy Project, or MPP. The consumer advocacy group tested the mercury content of nearly 60 samples of canned tuna. The group says albacore, or white tuna, can triple a child's mercury exposure. {}MPP researchers recommend schools and parents not serve it.{}The group also says children under 55 pounds should limit "light" tuna to one meal, once a month. {}Aim for only twice a month for children over that weight. MPP also says no child should eat tuna every day. {}Although, tuna fish is an affordable and versatile source or lean protein and omega-3s.The Environmental Defense Fund suggests canned salmon as an alternative to tuna. {}Try mostly sockeye or pink from Alaska, according to the EDF. {}This fish is typically low in contaminants and high in heart-health omega-3s. {}It is also similarly priced to tuna.