Residents in metro Birmingham concerned over dirty tap water

Many residents in metro Birmingham have found their tap water to be dirty and discolored. (


People in 5 metro areas are reporting problems with their water. Instead of a clear tap they're finding green and brown discolored water pouring from their faucets. Some say they're concerned about their health. Dirty water has been pouring out of Crystal Berry's sink for nearly a week."I'm ticked!" Berry, who lives in Southside said. "There are babies out here drinking milk with formula out of this water!"No one we found, seems to know why their water is turning brown and green."It makes me mad because they didn't care enough - this is our source," Berry said. "We bathe in it, we cook it, we drink it, I cooked pasta last night, I ate the stuff!"Over in Vestavia, on Post Oak Road one man gave us these pictures of his bath tub. His neighbor the same problem."We've had discoloration in the toilet, with sometimes periodically coming in and out with a {}discolored brown water and I've also noticed dirty murky water in our bathtub," Lee Ann Coffey, who lives in Vestavia said.Not everyone we talked to found water discoloration, but for the ones who did the question: is it safe to drink?{}"It's very concerning," Coffey said. "I'm worried that are we drinking water that we shouldn't be drinking it's definitely something we are not used to seeing."'My neighbor has a burning sore throat, the lady next door and her husband this morning said something," Berry said.People in Homewood, Mountain Brook, and Cahaba Heights also found green or brown water. The Birmingham Water Works Board said it's working to fix the problem. It told us the system is being flushed and it's safe to drink. But neighbors told us a different story."They just talked to me and said, we've had some calls on it. I said, 'can I drink it?' she said, 'we would prefer you not to.' I said, 'what? You tell me I can't drink the water and you haven't notified me?'" Berry said.The{}Birmingham Water Works Board{}told us, they are working on it but couldn't comment on when it would be fixed.