MetroPrime's Smoked Salmon Napoleon

Step One:

Fromage Blanc:

2 PoundsCream Cheese - Softened

Zest andJuice of Two Lemons

1/2 Cup MincedChives

1/4 CupChopped Baby Dill

1/4 CupChopped Parsley

2 FinelyMinced Shallots

Kosher Salt,Fresh Cracked Pepper and Ground Hot Chile to taste


Mix all ingredients and leave at room temperature.


Step Two:

You will need:

One 3"x3"x10" Rectangular Terrine Mold (I prefer Le Creuset)

2.5 lbs. Sliced, Cold Smoked Salmon

Fromage Blanc from Step One

Plastic Wrap

Spray Food Release


Spray the inside of the Chilled Terrine Mold with the foodrelease and line the mold with a single sheet of the plastic wrap leaving theexcess overhanging the mold. Begin building alternating layers of smoked salmonthen fromage blanc to the top of the mold. Use an offset spatula to spread asmooth layer of the fromage blanc.{} Keepall layers as flat as possible. Build the layers just past the top of the moldand then fold the excess plastic wrap over the terrine and weight slightly withanything heavy.{} Refrigerate overnight.Un-mold and slice just before serving.

Serve with toast points or crostini, red wine vinegar shavedand marinated red onion, arugula and fried capers.

Black and BlueChopped Salad

Serves 4 guests


Step One:

2 Cleaned and Trimmed Beef Tenderloin Heads (Ask yourtrusted butcher for these)

Kosher Salt

Cracked Black Pepper

1/4 Cup Canola Oil


Season the well chilled Beef Tender Loin Heads aggressivelywith kosher salt and roll them in the cracked black pepper. Then add the canolaoil into an extremely hot 8 inch cast Iron skillet. Immeadie3tly follow in withthe seasoned beef.{} Caramelize the meatwell on all sides and place on a chilled plate and put into the refrigerator tocool for four hours.


Step Two:

1 HeadIceberg lettuce

1/2 Red onionsliced extremely thin and marinated in Grenache vinegar and one sugar cube

1 Ripe RedTomato Small Diced

4 Sliceswhite bread, crusts cut off, small diced and sauted in salted butter tillgolden brown

1/2 CupCrumbled Point Reyes Blue Cheese

Chive Batonsto Garnish

8 oz.Buttermilk Herb Ranch

Kosher Salt,Fresh Cracked Black Pepper, Extra Virgin Olive Oil to taste


Chop the Iceberg lettuce into one inch bite sizedsquares.{} Place into a mixing bowl andseason with Kosher Salt and Fresh Cracked Pepper.{} Toss with the Buttermilk Her Ranch.{} Portion onto fourChilled Dinner Plates.{} Garnish with thediced tomatoes, blue cheese, marinated red onions, croutons and chivebatons.{} Slice the Chilled beef very thinwith a sharp knife and fan out the beef over the salads. Season the beef withkosher salt and a drizzle of olive oil.


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